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"If you're looking for adventure, battles, and excitement, give this book a try!"
- The Magazine's Book of the Month for November, 2009. Recommended to readers who enjoyed the Harry Potter series.

"Claudia is a gifted, original - and funny - writer. Her characters are winning, the worlds that she creates are sensually compelling and distinct, and her plot is a fantastic puzzle."
- Colin Thomas; editor, playwright, critic

"...layer upon layer, we learn of all the dark places: all the things that are at stake and by then we realize that while we weren't paying attention, Osmond has somehow - magically? - made us care... The book does not try to be either Harry Potter or Coraline, but young readers who enjoyed those books are likely to respond to elements of Osmond's debut novel."
- January Magazine - A Best Children's Book, 2009

"In Smudge's Mark, debut novelist Claudia Osmond, skillfully weaves together several popular and well-loved elements of the fantasy genre with unique facets of her own, resulting in an altogether fascinating read... Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed reading a story from a new and remarkable Canadian talent. I am eagerly awaiting Claudia's next work because it's stories like hers that remind me just why I can't get my head out of the children's section of a bookstore. Fantastic story, I highly recommend it!"
- The Novel Emporium

This was a wonderful read! The characters are genuine and the story is gripping. I recommend to both children and adults who enjoy a story with adventure, comedy, myth, fantastical worlds and of course, loveable orphans :P
- Miss Dormer

"That was an awesome book. Loved it. The way it ended left me wanting more. I hope there is another one on the way."
- Deanna; teacher, avid reader

"I finished your book, it was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed it and now can't wait for the next one to come out ... I spent many a late night reading your book and am now catching up on my sleep."
- M.M.

"Smudge's Mark= awesome. I loved the book!! You are a great story-teller. I am recommending it to everyone I know."
- Lori

"I liked this book because it had so many surprises and twists and turns. The book was great. I thought that the end hinted a sequel. Can you somehow ... tell if there's going to be a sequel or not? Of course, you could also keep it a secret but seriously the suspense of not knowing will cause a couple of sleepless nights. Anyway... A really great book."
- Chris, who is keeping his fingers crossed for a sequel (age 10)

"You are now one of my new favorite authors!"
- Alex (12-year-old girl)

I was sad when I was finished the book because I wanted MORE!!!!!
I love Simons character and how he is brave but also a wimp~.
An awesome story for people who love adventures and a hint of backstabbing~
I hope to read more soon~
- Lily, Goodreads Review

"... This is a great and richly detailed story that pulls you in from the first sentence until you're on the edge of your seat biting your nails as you reach the epic conclusion."
- Star, The Bibliophilic Book Blog

"I loved this book... The author did an excellent job of keeping the twists and turns coming..."
- Musings of a Book Addict

"This is a perfectly crafted fantasy tale for ages nine and up. In the same vein as Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings this book is filled with action, mystery, adventure and great plotlines."
- Word of Mouse Book Reviews

"Apparently my twelve-year old counterpart has a crush on a boy named Smudge (Simon Mugford).
Smudge has all the key ingredients necessary for my crush:
1. Shy with a mysterious past - always a great combination
2. Loyal
3. Courageous
4. Adventurous!
5. Older (than my twelve-year old self, not my real age self - still not telling!)
My younger self was easily caught up in Smudge's adventures... Each adventure leads him closer to discovering the truth about who he is, what happened to his parents and what the key has to do with it all!"
- A Book Long Enough

"Younger readers may enjoy this exciting fantasy adventure and Osmond makes it easy to imagine the world of Emogen."
- CM Review

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